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Sep 13

The second problem I have with our constant pursuit of the productivity train is that it teaches us that setting boundaries to spend time with our friends and family = laziness. I got some raised eyebrows at work recently when I declined an invitation to watch a World Cup game in a conference room. But here’s the thing. If I watch the World Cup game with a bunch of people at work today, guess what I have to do tonight? I have to work to catch up, instead of spending time with my family. And that is not ok with me.

I have a weird rule about this. Work has me—completely—between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. It has 100 percent of my attention. But outside of those hours I consider it part of being a sane and good human to give my kids a bath, chat to my wife, read, and reflect on the day that’s past and the one that’s coming—without the pressure of having to be online all the time. I swear it makes me a better (and more productive) employee, but I can’t shake the feeling that I shouldn’t be writing this down because you’re just going to think I’m lazy.

But hey, I’m going to face my fear and just come right out and say it: I try not to work nights. There. That felt good.

Work Life Imbalance ∙ An A List Apart Column

We’re in a bad state when a post about work-life balance and setting boundaries has work taking up 100 percent of the author’s attention for nine and a half hours a day, including lunch.

Sep 12

Sep 10
“In the wake of lawsuits over online retailers that try to charge customers huge fees for allegedly violating “non-disparagement” clauses that prohibit customers from complaining about their transactions, lawmakers in California have approved a bill outlawing the ridiculous practice.”

Complain All You Want, California! State Outlaws Silly Non-Disparagement Clauses – Consumerist


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Sep 9
“This whole college coaching industry reminds me a lot of financial regulation. We complicate the rules to the point where only very well-off insiders know exactly how to bypass the rules. To the extent that getting into one of these “top schools” actually does give young people access to power, influence, and success, it’s alarming how predictable the whole process has become.” Reverse-engineering the college admissions process | mathbabe

“I have my PhD in cell and molecular biology. When I saw that I share about 22 percent of my genome with a person, I thought, “That’s huge.” It took a bit of time to realize Thomas and I actually share the same genome with my father. This is how it happened: when you share around 25 percent genetic similarity with someone, that means that either it’s your grandfather, uncle, or half-sibling. 23andMe listed Thomas as a grandfather, which was confusing to me. I called my dad. All I had was his name, Thomas, and the fact that he’s male. I just asked my dad, “Does this name sound familiar?” He said no. He logged into his account, and Thomas wasn’t showing up at all. I was so confused. We figured out that at the very bottom of your profile, there’s a little box that says “check this box if you want to see close family members in this search program.” [Note: 23 and Me has since switched to an opt out system, where users will automatically be enrolled in the close relatives finder program.]”

With genetic testing, I gave my parents the gift of divorce - Vox

A tech company not thinking about the social implications of its actions; shocking.




screaming with laughter this entire scene

Sep 8
“I do hold grudges! I think it is essential to looking after yourself to remember to not put yourself in harm’s way. If someone is toxic to your wellbeing, remove them from your life.”

Are you the type of person to hold grudges? Or, are you good at forgiveness? | Cara Ellison Will Now Take Your Calls

(I could do better at the “no hard feelings” part, though.)


Scarves by Shovava

I’m kind of tempted by these.

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