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Aug 31

“I spent the majority of this summer at Middlebury College, studying at l’École Française. I had never been to Vermont. I have not been many places at all. I did not have an adult passport until I was 37 years old. Sometimes I regret this. And then sometimes not. Learning to travel when you’re older allows you to be young again, to touch the childlike amazement that is so often dulled away by adult things. In the past year, I have seen more of the world than at any point before, and thus, I have been filled with that juvenile feeling more times then I can count—at a train station in Strasbourg, in an old Parisian bookstore, on a wide avenue in Lawndale. It was no different in Vermont where the green mountains loomed like giants. I would stare at these mountains out of the back window of the Davis Family Library. I would watch the clouds, which, before the rain, drooped over the mountains like lampshades, and I would wonder what, precisely, I had been doing with my life.” Acting French - The Atlantic

Aug 30
“This has given me a new perspective on tolerance. Tolerance is closer than we realize to the physical sense of “to tolerate”, i.e. to bear a pain or stress internally without snapping. This capacity increases with practice. I’ll add one tip, though I fear it will sound incoherent here: the best thing for tolerance is to experience the irritation, that buttons-being-pushed feeling, as a physical sensation and not an intellectual reaction. That somehow metabolizes it.”

I have had to work on this, because what used to be a personal problem is now an… | Hacker News

Hmm. I should probably try this.

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Nalley did not warn King in the moments before he ordered the officer to shock King, the transcript obtained by Baltimore Post-Examiner shows. The defendant was trying to cite a court case, and Nalley cut him off.

“Stop,” Nalley said, according to the transcript.

“… principles of common right and common reason are …” King said.

“Mr. Sheriff … ” Nalley said

“… null and void,” King continued.

“…do it,” Nalley ordered. “Use it.”


On Nalley’s order, a uniformed Charles County Sheriff’s Department officer pressed a button, which released a charge from an electronic device authorities had attached to King’s right leg. King crumpled to the ground in agony.

Maryland Judge Robert Nalley ordered officer to shock defendant in court | Baltimore Post-ExaminerBaltimore Post-Examiner

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“But that’s exactly what can happen to some people when attempts at team bonding go wrong. Everyone else is having fun, except for one person who is forced to put on a fake smile and play-act at enjoying themselves because they’re terrified of losing their job for ‘not being a culture fit’, or just because they’ve learned over many bitter years that it’s easier to play along than to rock the boat and have everyone else in the group dislike them. For that person, the office fun and games can be really srs bsns.” Hidden dangers of team building rituals.

Aug 28
I had no idea how extreme that population gradient was.

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I had no idea how extreme that population gradient was.

(via @BenedictEvans)

“Abrasive alone was used 17 times to describe 13 different women, but the word never appeared in men’s reviews. In fact, this type of character critique that was absent from men’s reviews showed up in 71 of the 94 critical reviews received by women.”

The One Word Men Never See In Their Performance Reviews | Fast Company | Business Innovation

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“Based on five studies with a total of 993 married, heterosexual male participants, we found that marriage structure has important implications for attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to gender among heterosexual married men in the workplace. Specifically, men in traditional marriages—married to women who are not employed—disfavor women in the workplace and are more likely than the average of all married men to make decisions that prevent the advancement of qualified women. Results show that employed men in traditional marriages tend to (a) view the presence of women in the workplace unfavorably, (b) perceive that organizations with higher numbers of female employees are operating less smoothly, (c) perceive organizations with female leaders as relatively unattractive, and (d) deny qualified female employees opportunities for promotions more frequently than do other married male employees. Moreover, our final study suggests that men who are single and then marry women who are not employed may change their attitudes toward women in the workplace, becoming less positive. The consistent pattern of results across multiple studies employing multiple methods (lab, longitudinal, archival) and samples (U.S., U.K., undergraduates, managers) demonstrates the robustness of our findings that the structure of a man’s marriage influences his gender ideology in the workplace, presenting an important challenge to workplace egalitarianism.” The Implications of Marriage Structure for Men’s Workplace Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behaviors toward Women

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